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Skin79 is the Korea Cosmetic Company certified by ISO9001(International Standard Organisation). The company products are approved by KFDA (Korean Food & Drugs Administration) and safe to use.

It is a well known Korean skincare and makeup brand, it is also the 1st original brand which brought the BB cream’s product into the cosmetic market.

SKIN79 has already sold more than 700,000 bottles of BB cream in Korea and is also the favorite and must-use product of stars in Korea.

Korea SKIN79 is perfect combination of natural cosmetics and medical cosmetics. It is the first invention of BB cream producers and manufacturers.

Skin79 product development philosophy is “whether sensitive skin, or problems skin, can safely use”. SKIN79 assure safety and quality of products through many clinical trials, it is absolutely pure science cosmetics .

SKIN79 all products are come from organic plant-based ingredients, are truly natural skin care products. Long-term use will not cause any problems on the skin, and can also play a basic protective effect against acne and skin problems. Its whitening and anti-wrinkle functions are particularly outstanding.It’s Skin79, the South Korean brand that started the whole BB Creams phenomenon in 2006 and which remains the no.1 market leader in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

BB Creams, which usually stands for ‘blemish balm’ creams (although Skin79 prefers to calls its products ‘beblesh balm’) were initially designed for use by people who had recovering from laser skin treatments or chemical peels. The BB Creams contain a whole host of skin benefits while also acting as a makeup base and foundation in one. Skin79’s BB Creams provide up to ten skin benefits, including whitening, improving wrinkles, nourishment, hydration, improving resilience, protection against pollution and sun damage, sebum control and coverage.

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