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[RiRe] Luxe Gel Eyeliner 0.5g (Choose 1)

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Product Description

[RiRe] Luxe Gel Eyeliner 0.5g

This is a new concept eyeliner.
It has very high resistance to water or sweat.

#01 Kill Black
#02 Dark Brown
#03 Choco Brown
#04 Rose Burgundy
#05 Deep Blue
#06 Pearl Black
#07 Rich Brown
#08 Tear Pink
#09 Deep Khaki
#10 White Pearl

<How to use>
Starting from inside. To use as a eye shadow,
draw thick line, then blend the line naturally
as soon as it gets.

Made in Korea

#02 Dark Brown
#03 Choco Brown
#04 Rose Burgundy
#05 Deep Blue
#07 Rich Brown
#08 Tear Pink
#09 Deep Khaki
#10 White Pearl


Product Reviews

  1. Great Liner! (Dark Brown)

    Posted by C on 13th May 2017

    I decided I wanted to try some Korean makeup products since I've heard a lot of good reviews and have recently been trying some of the skin care brands, so I thought I'd go with this liner because it seemed relatively cheap and the shipping is free (cheaper than another makeup company I've also recently decided to try, including the tax and shipping).

    My criteria for a good liner since I'm new to makeup in general and don't use it that often was simple.
    1. Something pigmented enough to show up on my skin.
    I'm not what one would consider dark skinned, but my skin tone does range form light-medium to medium-dark depending on the brand. It's also nearing the warmer months so I know I'll only be getting closer to medium-dark than light-medium.

    2. Something that stays.
    My skin is fairly oily so makeup likes to smudge and come off. Also I tend to forget I even have makeup on at times and don't always put on mascara so I occasionally rub at my eyes impulsively.

    3. Is easy to manage and comfortable to wear.
    Nothing's worse than finding a nice eye liner, but it being too irritating for the eye/rough on the skin, and having difficult to use eyeliner is always a struggle. Since I've yet to manage liquid eyeliner, I figured I'd try getting good at pencil's first. (though this is a gel based liner)

    Out of these three qualifications I'd say it met two of the 3. I was looking for a more subtle brown liner, and this fit the bill. It was just dark enough to show up, but not so dark that I felt as if I should have just gone with a black. It gave a nice almost natural definition to my eyes, or as "natural" as makeup can look. It wasn't too over powering and I felt comfortable wearing it to work without feeling like it was crossing work uniform guidelines. It also was very easy to apply and felt surprisingly smooth. In fact, I've never used such a nice liner before. It wasn't harsh on the eye, or rough as some liners can be. Even gel liners I've gotten from popular brands (the one I mentioned earlier that I've been trying and is in a similar price range as this one).

    as for it's staying power, I do feel like it could have been a bit better, but honestly I'll have to try it again soon and really test it out. I've always been experimenting with various ways to set my makeup, so you have to keep in mind this was without setting anything. It did keep for the most part, but it did come off easy in some places. It might have just been I didn't apply as much liner in those areas as the rest either, too, since I do have little experience with makeup.

    All in all I give this a 4 out of five because I really enjoyed it, but feel like I'll have to use it more often to really see if this will become a new staple in my every day makeup use. I only got the one, so I'm excited to try more of the colours and see how they fair seeing as even within a brand different colours can come out in various ways.

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